Festas de Lisboa and other street activities

In addition to managing some of Lisbon’s cultural facilities, EGEAC is also responsible for organising cultural programmes in public spaces, ensuring democratic access to the arts and strengthening the city’s identity through emblematic initiatives such as Festas de Lisboa.

Festas de Lisboa is like no other event in the city, annually attracting millions of visitors and participants alike. Imbued with a sense of community, the highlights of the festival include the Popular Marches, the St. Anthony’s Weddings and the Local Festivals, not to mention the annual contest of the Sardine – a symbol created by EGEAC for the festival in 2003 that has since been adopted by the city and is today one of Lisbon’s signature images.
Throughout the year, EGEAC organises various cultural events that bring music, theatre, dance, cinema, literature and poetry to the streets. In the summer, the Lisboa na Rua festival presents a diverse array of activities in public gardens, squares and city streets, under the theme of discovering the city. In the winter, the programme becomes more intimate, featuring music in churches during the Christmas season, while in March, guided tours to lesser known and surprising locales encourage visitors to discover the city’s inner neighbourhoods.

With these programmes, we bring art to the streets, where it can be accessible to everyone, thereby encouraging artistic creation and promotion and stimulating a dialogue between the city and its diverse array of audiences.

Avenida da Liberdade, 192
1250-147 Lisboa