LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões

With an eye to the future and a desire to expand the work of audience development for the arts, LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões is exclusively dedicated to artistic programming for young people.

Commissioned by João da Cunha Açúcar, the Luís de Camões Theatre opened with the play ‘Camões and o Jau’ by Casimiro de Abreu in June 1880, on the 300th anniversary of the death of the poet after whom it is named.

After the founding of the Belém Clube in 1899, for more than 100 years its headquarters have operated here and a significant number of worthy cultural initiatives have been presented – performances by important names in Portuguese/Brazilian theatre such as Adelina Abranches, Rafael Alves, João Villaret, Auzenda de Oliveira, Sales Ribeiro, Mirita Casimiro, Procópio Ferreira, Bibi Ferreira and singer and opera director Tomás Alcaide.

Following comprehensive refurbishment, this small Italian-style theatre is now returned to the city as a cultural space entirely dedicated to the performing arts for children.


Accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Theatre for Children
Calçada da Ajuda, 80
1300-015 Lisboa

Opening hours
Box office
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.
Closed the month of August

Theatre hall
131 seats

Equipment: sound, light and multimedia


Open to the public at events

714, 727, 728, 729, 751
Belém; CCB