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1 July, 2020

Amália 100 years

2020 marks the Centenary of the Birth of Amália Rodrigues with an extensive programme.

The official opening of the celebrations took place in the Paços do Concelho, in Lisbon, on 1 July, with a tribute to the universal legacy of Amália Rodrigues by 100 musicians of different generations.
The celebrations will last into 2021.

Developed as a network of partnerships involving museum, archives, organisations linked to the audiovisual sector, municipalities, among many others, with the strategic objective of safeguarding and enjoying the memory of Amália Rodrigues, the Celebrations are based on the programming of organisations managed by the Ministry of Culture and Lisbon City Council.

Centred in Lisbon and extending to the whole national territory, the celebration of Amália’s legacy will also expand abroad as the programme will be open to civil society, in a collective celebration of an artistic legacy that continues to affirm the name of Portugal in the world.

The point of departure and arrival of so many things like music, poetry, theatre, cinema or dance, Amalia’s legacy long ago acclaimed her as one of the greatest creators of modern times. Throughout her extensive artistic biography, her voice has spoken openly with creators of all arts: poets, musicians, painters, writers, filmmakers or directors. This was why the Centennial programme was designed in a multidisciplinary perspective.

A programme is available from centenarioamaliarodrigues.pt. This website is an open platform and will be constantly update.