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Strategic axes

Axis 01: Enhancement of the City’s Cultural Heritage

The knowledge of the historical heritage, tangible and intangible, and its use and enjoyment, serves as an anchor to place and confirms Lisbon’s cultural richness. EGEAC promotes the valorization of the cultural heritage through conservation and restoration campaigns, through the expansion of its collections, the registration and safeguarding of intangible goods, through the organization of museum storages areas and environmental monitoring.  Communicating cultural heritage is also valuing it.

Restorer painting a ceramic piece by Bordalo Pinheiro

Axis 02: Audience Development

Culture is a way of promoting citizenship and improving the general population’s quality of life. Attracting new audiences and creating cultural habits is one of EGEAC’s main policies, by offering a plural and democratic programme, and through communication strategies that efficiently target a wide array of audiences and communities.

four girls, with Indian costumes, dancing

Axis 03: Proximity and Solidarity

The fight against social exclusion also features in the company’s cultural policies. As a result, establishing connections with cultural, social, scientific, and other organisations is a top priority on EGEAC’s agenda.

 Five steps forming an altar decorated with candlesticks, two vases with flowers and Santo António on top

Axis 04: Accessibility

EGEAC has been changing the way it presents itself so that everyone feels welcome. Guaranteeing physical, social, and intellectual accessibility to everyone is one of this company’s objective that does not end in the legal obligations in force.

One hand positioning another on an object

Axis 05: Sustainability

Culture encourages environmental responsibility and the regeneration of the public space. EGEAC is committed to ensuring the quality of infrastructures, to adopt efficient technological solutions, and a decentralised programme, taking great care in how the public space is used.

Eight people standing in a garden area with lots of trees and bushes