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Strategic axes

Axis 01: Equality, diversity and accessibility

We value equality, diversity and accessibility. We promote an egalitarian management of people within the company. We make sure there is equality in recruitment, in salary and in professional development, paying attention to work-life balance.

In 2023, we will implement additional measures to promote physical, social and intellectual access to all people. This will be done through diverse activities sustained by a cultural participation policy that includes the suitability of spaces, shows, cinema showings, conferences, visits and exhibitions to all publics – through interpretation in sign language, audio-description, relaxed sessions and accessible language.

Axis 02: Valuing our monuments and our cultural patrimony

Castelo de São Jorge and Padrão dos Descobrimentos are the foremost cultural spaces amongst EGEAC’s monuments, so their preservation and valorisation are decisive. This year, besides updating the ticket prices, we continue to requalify these spaces’ accessibilities and to intervene with restorations of the edifices. We also intend to improve all the signage, both through traditional and digital means, by collaborating with entities specialized in technology and content management.

Axis 03: Reinvigorating the Museology and plastic arts areas

EGEAC manages an important and diversified number of municipal museums and galleries. In 2023 we will renovate the exhibition spaces of Museu de Lisboa – Palácio Pimenta and we’ll modify the programming of several galleries, highlighting the work of Portuguese artists and increasing the number of photography exhibitions.

Axis 04: Boost the performance component and diversify its audiences

Our theatres reach and serve diverse audiences. It’s essential to have programming that is focused on quality, sustainability, inclusion and representation. Our priority is to acknowledge and differentiate between the artistic projects of our three municipal theatres. We will avoid overlapping programming and will promote cooperation and mutual help at conceptual and programming levels between teams and theatres. EGEAC will proceed with its mission to stimulate the creation and diffusion of scenic arts by betting on national co-productions and hosting once more international theatre companies.

Axis 05: Events that promote sustainability

Festas de Lisboa and other events in public spaces will keep their focus on economic sustainability (based on celebrating partnerships with a financial component that allows the development of a vast and multicultural programme) as well as on environmental sustainability (resorting to reusable and green materials, to the digital, to less energy consuming devices and less noise emissions).

This year we’ll deepen our close collaborative relationships with several of Lisbon’s Parish Councils, both in cultural programming and in solidarity actions. 2023 will also be when the World Youth Day takes place in Lisbon, an event that will create challenges never before faced due to its scale.