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25 January, 2021

Citizenship matters

The Museu do Aljube is holding a Cycle of Conversations on the importance of education for citizenship in the first half of 2021. Experts will offer their reflections, concerns, and democratic commitment streamed on the Museum’s social media.

The Museum is a space of memory of resistance to dictatorship and the struggle for freedom, challenging everyone to critical reflection and to approach memory as cultural heritage and the construction of shared identity. Questioning and critical spirit are part of our daily life; appreciation of liberties, rights and guarantees is a daily practice in our activity; commitment to a culture of dialogue and understanding is one of the reasons for our existence.

Education for citizenship and human rights is in our origin, our identity, and our practice. Therefore, we decided to invite you to help us think and explain the obvious: education and culture are always the best answer.

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Illustration: © twotma