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21 August, 2020

DESCOLA 2020/2021

Creative activities for pupils and teachers.

DESCOLA is the result of the joint work and continued investment of the Lisbon City Council in teaching people about the cultural and artistic heritage of the city and the desire to make it reach everyone, no matter their age as a source of inspiration and sense of belonging.

DESCOLA is specifically aimed at school pupils and in times of pandemic it relies more than ever on the close collaboration between mediators, artists and teachers to face the increased challenges that arise for all.

The DESCOLA activities take the 21st-century pupils and the Sustainable Development Objectives as a benchmark and the cultural and artistic heritage of Lisbon as a field of research, questioning and creativity.

DESCOLA involves about forty municipal cultural centres such as museums, theatres, archives and libraries, who believe in the educational force of arts and culture and want to participate with teachers and pupils in the construction of schools that are open, intervening learning communities.

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DESCOLA 2020/2021
Complete programme by school level (in Portuguese):


1st to 4th grades

5th and 6th grades

7th to 9th grades

10th to 12th grades

Contingency plan of educational activities for schools (in Portuguese)