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6 June, 2024

Jazz at Largo do Picadeiro

In the first fortnight of June, Largo do Picadeiro will host seven outdoor jazz concerts in an initiative by Teatro São Luiz that aims to bring together different styles, contexts and generations, with the participation of some of the most exciting artists on the national and international scene. With a strong focus on adventurous and original music, Picadeiro Jazz combines sound and silence with the Chiado landscape and the festive and warm atmosphere typical of June.



1 June, Saturday
André Fernandes “Uniteto” (PT)
guitar, electronics, voice

5 June, Wednesday
Bill McHenry / Michael Formanek / Jeff Williams (EUA)
tenor saxophone / double bass / drums

6 June, Thursday
Borage (UK)
Megan Jowett – viola / James Banner – contrabass

7 junho, sexta
Garfo (PT)
Bernardo Tinoco – tenor saxophone / João Almeida – trumpet / João Fragoso – contrabass / João Sousa – drums

13 junho, quinta
Joana Guerra & Yaw Tembe (PT)
cello, voice / trumpet, electronics

14 junho, sexta
Bode Wilson (PT)
João Pedro Brandão – saxophones, flute, electronics / Demian Cabaud – contrabass / Marcos Cavaleiro – drums, percussion

15 junho, sábado
Sofia Borges & Camila Nebbia (PT/ARG)
drums, percussion / tenor saxophone