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23 May, 2024

Lisbon is partying

To present the Festas de Lisboa, which is inclusive in terms of age, geography, accessibility, and diversity, we have chosen the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

June will be a month full of tradition, colour, joy and music, with a programme full of cultural offerings for all tastes, ages, cultures and communities.

The Marchas Populares (People’s Parades) and the Arraiais (Street Fairs), the Weddings, Thrones and Run of Saint Anthony are the popular highlights bringing together traditions and multiple forms of artistic expression.

Music is another of the Festas’ strengths, with unmissable concerts encompassing fado, jazz, Portuguese popular music, dancehall, R&B and classical music, and featuring performances by artists such as Tony Carreira, Richie Campbell and Mariza.

The Festas also include exhibitions, tours and visits, as well as events like the Bollywood Holi Festival and Indian Market, the Festival of Japan, and much more.

As the Festas belong to the entire city, just like Culture, EGEAC (which has been planning and organising the Festas and managing theatres, monuments, art galleries, museums, and cinemas for nearly 30 years) is entering a new phase: we are now Lisboa Cultura.

Check out the complete Festas de Lisboa’24 programme via this link