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25 November, 2020

Museu da Marioneta gets new Director

Ana Paula Rebelo Correia chosen as the new director of the Museu da Marioneta.

The jury of this recruitment process – composed of Joana Gomes Cardoso (chairman of the board of EGEAC), Sara Pereira (director of the Museu do Fado), Vítor Serrão (professor at the Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon and director of the Institute of History of Art), the collector Francisco Capelo and the former director of Teatro Viriato, Paula Mota Garcia – evaluated the 121 applications, interviewed the selected applicants and decided on the final choice.

The new director of the Museu da Marioneta, who will take office at the beginning of 2021, holds a PhD in Art History from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), where she also graduated and did the post-graduate degree in Visual Arts Methodology. She has a curriculum and professional career in the area of arts and iconography, but also in teaching and working in museums, having taught at ESAD-FRESS and the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of UNL, coordinated the Educational Service of the Gulbenkian Museum and the Educational Service of the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum.