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21 July, 2021

Artistic Residences at the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum

Applications are being accepted for the Artistic Residences Programme at the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum.

Until 15 August, we will be accepting applications in various artistic fields: from painting and comic strips to photography, installations, sculpture, video, pottery and illustration.
The artists chosen will be paid €1000 to carry out a residence at the museum for a one-month period, which will be followed by an exhibition and/or presentation of the work created.
This residence and exhibition programme is inspired by the work and legacy of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846-1905), a versatile artist who worked in areas as diverse as humorous drawings and pottery, commenting critically on the period’s everyday cultural, political and social realities.

For more information or queries write to info@museubordalopinheiro.pt
Regulations: museubordalopinheiro.pt/residencias-artisticas