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13 June, 2020

St Anthony’s Thrones Competition 2020

Sofia Perpétua and Paulo Múmia, Artur Rebelo and his grandparents Lena and Luís Rebelo, and Agrupamento 48 de Santa Catarina are the three winners of the St Anthony’s Thrones competition 2020.

The jury, composed of the fado singer Kátia Guerreiro, the stylist Dino Alves and the coordinator of the Museu de Lisboa – Santo António, Pedro Teotónio Pereira, had no easy task in choosing the winners of the sixth edition of the Thrones

Proof of the quality of the works was that in addition to the three winners, each of whom will receive €500, the jury also decided to award five honourable mentions: to Ricardo Ferraz (Madeira), Margarida Viana (Lisbon), Mônica Silva (Baia, Brazil), Junta de Freguesia de Santo António dos Olivais (Coimbra) and Mitra – Hoje e Amanhã (Lisbon).

To see all the works of art that were in the competition and the respective explanation of their authors, see the  St Anthony’s Thrones 2020 Virtual Exhibition 

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants.
Long live Santo António!