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8 April, 2024

The famous five

The big winners of the Sardine Contest 2024 have been chosen: four Portuguese, one foreign, but all five conceived of/designed by women.

Five artists, aged between 17 and 42, won the 14th edition of this EGEAC-organised competition. The sardines are all Portuguese creations (from Lisbon, Massamá, Montijo and Rio Tinto), with the exception of one, which comes from the Netherlands.

Carnations (to mark the 50th anniversary of the 25 April Revolution), books (the foundation of knowledge and imagination), olive oil (satirising rising prices), cheese (a specialty for people from all over the world and beyond), and a fishwife (selling fresh sardines) give shape to the winning sardines.

Like last year, the winning designs were selected by way of an EGEAC staff vote.

Each of the creators will receive a prize worth €1500 (one thousand five hundred euros).

A total of 1823 participants competed in this year’s contest, submitting 3582 designs (2587 from Portugal, 995 abroad) from 63 countries.

In the summer, besides being able to eat the traditional sardines on a plate or on bread, we will also be able to see these famous five all over the city… and it won’t be long before you find out where!

Learn more about each of the designs and their creators at:
The winning sardines 2024 (pdf)