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8 March, 2022

5 judges to select this year’s 5 best sardines

Jury's names and photos

At this 12th edition of the Festas de Lisboa Sardine Contest, Jorge Silva (creative director at Silvadesigners), aka “the Godfather of the Sardine”, will be joined by a top-notch jury to perform the very tricky task of choosing this year’s big winners.

Taking up EGEAC’s invitation to participate in this mission (almost) impossible are: Bela Silva, a versatile artist who works in the areas of sculpture, illustration and public art; the amusing Hugo van der Ding who, in addition to being a comedian, also works as a radio and television presenter, cartoonist, columnist, writer and actor; plastic artist, performer and teacher Susana Mendes Silva and renowned fashion designer Valentim Quaresma.

There will be a total of five winning sardines, each winning a €1500 prize.

The contest will run until 4 April and this year there are two great reasons to create your own stunning sardines: the return of the Festas de Lisboa and the 100th anniversary celebrations of Parque Mayer. We look forward to another contest full of glamour, colour and talent.

Good luck!

Jury's names and photos