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Cinema São Jorge

This is one of the only historic cinemas in Lisbon that is still functioning, taking on the role of promoting and disseminating the seventh art and the critical thinking associated with it, as well as promoting other cultural activities such as music, theatre, or dance performances.


Avenida da Liberdade, 175
1250 – 141 Lisboa

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Opening Hours

Cinema: daily form 9am to 10pm (includes cafeteria services)

Ticket Office: from 1pm to 8pm
Performance days: from 1 pm until the beginning of the last show.
Closed on weekends without events


T: +351 213 103 400


For further information, please contact the Cinema

About the space

One of Lisbon’s most famous cinemas, it was inaugurated in 1950, commissioned by the Anglo-Portuguese Film Society, and designed by architect Fernando Silva. Originally built with a capacity for almost 2000 seats, its innovative and bold design earned it the City Architecture Award – one of the most prestigious architecture awards in Portugal – that same year, by a unanimous vote. Considered a “modern building”, it moved away from the Nationalist style that was in fashion at the time and adopted new construction techniques, especially the use of concrete, which allowed for new structural and decorative solutions.

After the cinema was remodelled in the early 1980s, the great screening room – which had initially been conceived with stall seats, balcony and second balcony – was divided up into three smaller screening rooms.

Acquired by Lisbon City Council in 2001, the cinema reopened its doors to the public that same year after an intervention to the facade, as well as an interior renovation. After a new break, the cinema has had a regular and intense programme of activities ever since 2006, particularly national and international film festivals, as well as other high-profile events within the field of the performing arts.