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19 January, 2024

FESTIVAL RESCALDO, at Teatro do Bairro Alto

The 14th Rescaldo Festival will once again be the place to hear the most adventurous music of recent months, launching new acts and challenging idiosyncratic artists to establish new collaborations. 08 concerts at SMUP, Teatro do Bairro Alto, ZDB and UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA will bring together various generations and schools, highlighting the rich variations in this unclassifiable music.

The program at Teatro do Bairro Alto:

Lula Pena + António Poppe + Carlos Santos
February 10, saturday, 7.30pm

In an unprecedented meeting, Lula Pena, an enigmatic figure in the world of Portuguese music known for her innovative approach to folk music, joins forces with visual artist, poet and performer António Poppe, and meticulous sound artist Carlos Santos, whose oeuvre spans the realms of electroacoustics, field recordings and real-time electronic processing. Together, they will seek to create a surprising and perfectly idealised artistic endeavour, transcending genre boundaries.

Sofia Borges + Marta Warelis
February 10, saturday, 7.30pm

Sofia Borges is a percussionist based in Berlin who has pioneered an exploratory practice around percussion, from drums to orchestral instruments, her own creations and the crossing of these with field recordings and their analogue and digital processing. Similarly, Marta Warelis, a pianist based in Amsterdam, has carved her own path in the world of music. She has become a prominent figure in the vibrant Dutch music scene, drawing inspiration from jazz, contemporary music, and non-idiomatic improvisation. Warelis takes up the instrument in its entirety, with a very refined narrative sense and plenty of lyricism.

For more information visit the TBA website: teatrodobairroalto.pt/en