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4 April, 2023

Sardines Contest 2023

The 2023 Sardine Contest is now open, under the slogan This April it’s raining Sardines!

Organised by EGEAC, the contest invites the people of Portugal and the world to let their imaginations run free and create an original Sardine design.
Between 4 April and 4 May, there are no limits for either designers or designs. Everyone can take part: juniors, seniors, Portuguese, foreigners, individually or as a group.
Whether you create them digitally or by hand, there are a thousand and one ways of “cooking up” the best sardine: patterned, Photoshopped, painted, drawn, embroidered, sculpted, blue, yellow, polka dot, stripey, made of card or plasticine.
Feel free to use whatever techniques or materials you want. But as for the fish, it can only be one – you must use the silhouette of the sardine.
The weather in April feeds the imagination and we’re hoping to be showered with sardines!
The originality and creativity of the designs, as well as their legibility and adaptability to different communication materials, will be decisive factors in choosing the winners.
In this 13th edition of the year’s most hotly-contested creative competition, 5 winners will be chosen, each winning a prize worth €1,500.
Each entrant (individuals or groups) can submit a maximum of three sardine designs to the contest. Designs must be submitted on the contest platform, by 6 pm on 4 May.
The winners will be announced by 31 May.

Conditions of Participation at: Conditions Sardines Contest 2023

Contest platform at: Platform Sardines Contest 2023